Ready for the second half of season 2019!

Hi everyone. It’s been quiet for some time so time for an update!

After the last tournament of the first leg of season 2019 (the East of Scotland Open) I’ve took some rest and focused on finished my sports education. On the 9th of July I received my diploma and waved school goodbye for the last time. I’ve started a part time job as a sales representative at Nelson shoes in my city. Further, I’ve applied for the level 3 judo trainer & coach course of the Dutch Judo Federation. Hopefully there will be a place left since the courses were fully booked so fingers crossed! Off course I’ve been training judo and trained my youth groups (which I love to do). Together with Lisa, my physiotherapist, we’ve developed some new strength training programs which keep my busy in the gym (at least 4 times per week)

Only a few days until the second half of the 2019 season starts. Traditionally this part starts with a the British Open Adaptive Judo Championships, which we be organized in Cardiff (Wales) this year. After this important title tournament, we’ll travel to Essen (Germany), Herenthout (Belgium) as preparation for the big one: the European Championships ID-judo in Cologne. In November we will finish the 2019 season with Rudi Verhagens Shenshu Tournament in Venray. I’m sooo looking forward to all this and seeing all my international judo friends again! See you in Cardiff!

Poster 2019 complete and results 8-2019


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