Added to the INAS National Master List

The last year, we have been working hard to meet the requirements for Master List of the INAS (The International Federation For Athletes With Intellectual Impairments) A place on the Master List is necessary to be able to participate at the European ID Judo Championships to be held October 2019 in Cologne. During the 2018 edition in London, my classification from the national Olympic Committee NOC-NSF was sufficient. To meet the INAS requirements, I’ve had to renew my IQ examination and a new SRZ test. The test results had to be reviewed by the National Eligibility Officer. After approval, all data was send to the INAS. And recently I received the good news from NOC-NSF that I meet the INAS National Eligibility Criteria and am added to the Master List published at

Screenshot 2019-04-24 18.14.54


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