Just a quick update

It was a bit quiet on my website since the last tournament in Belgium. Main reason for that is that I have been focusing on school (secondary vocational education). And that is going really well! It looks like I’ll be able to finish my education (Sports leader) earlier than planned!

Apart from that, I have joined a couple of productive meeting with the Youth Panel Care and Perspective and representatives of our government. It’s a great honor to participate and that I can share my experiences about my disabilities.

Together with my coach, we have looked at the competition schedule for next year. There are some really nice tournaments planned. I’m very excited to announce that I will participate the East of Scotland Open again. Further we have been informed about the second edition of the EJU European Championships ID Judo that will be organized in Köln. Another great challenge! Below you’ll find the updated competition schedule for 2019. I will keep you posted!

Poster 2019


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