1st European ID Championships Judo

Only 26 days until the first ever European ID Championships Judo will take place in London. This event will be organised by the British Judo Federation in association with the EJU and IFON. Only two judo players from the Netherlands will participate in this prestigious tournament. I’m very proud that Jasper Holtackers and myself will represent our national flag.

Last weeks I finished the tests and received the national classification pass. We are still working on the international classification, which is a long-term process. In the meantime, we finalized my entry, booked flights, accommodation for my and my coach and a hotel for the family, booked transfers, bought travel cards and spectator tickets. All preparation are done, time to get into shape and at the correct weight.

I’m counting down the days and really looking forward to meeting my judo friends from England, Scotland, Germany and other countries again!

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